Chinese New Year 2013

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February 15, 2013 by synthiat

Chinese New Year occurred on February 10th. It’s the Year of the Snake (Can’t wait for next year!). Sometimes we go out to a restaurant, or we stay at home and have a feast. This year we stayed at home, ordered some dishes, and had home cooked vegetarian ones.

For this Chinese New Year, I went a full day of being a vegetarian. We did order some meat dishes for those who didn’t. I’m not going to name the dishes. I don’t know what each are called/what’s in them. Just enjoy the photos 🙂

CNY2013_1 CNY2013_4 CNY2013_3 CNY2013_2

CNY2013_5 CNY2013_6 CNY2013_7 CNY2013_8

CNY2013_9 CNY2013_10 CNY2013_11

And the whole table.

And the whole table.



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