Astoria & Dolce Gelato

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April 7, 2013 by synthiat

Near the end of March, my friend Katie and I went to the Stars concert. We grabbed dinner and gelato just before the show. It was only my second time in this area of Toronto so I wasn’t too familiar with the restaurants. We picked Astoria, a Greek restaurant, and Dolce Gelato.

I haven’t had Greek food in a while so I wanted everything on the menu. I ended up ordering the Chicken Souvlaki but the small size. I’m not sure what the large size would be but the small size looked big enough to me. My entree also came with a salad, which was huge! It did have an excessive amount of cheese on top.

astoria salad

chicken souvlaki

The chicken souvlaki was good and very filling. The chicken was a bit dry but the tzatziki made up for it. I do wish the potatoes were a bit more grilled or something. They were kind of soft for my liking.

Since Katie and I still had plenty of time after dinner, we walked around and stumbled upon Dolce Gelato. We picked this place because it had a nice interior and we loved the name. There were so many flavours to choose from! Normally I go for more fruity tastes but I decided to switch it up. I had the nutella and white chocolate mixture. So good!

dolce gelatoI had a small sized cup but they really fill it up! If we weren’t short on time or didn’t just have dinner, I probably would have gotten the regular sized cup.

– Synthia T.


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