Momofuku Toronto (Noodle Bar)


April 7, 2013 by synthiat

I had heard good things about Momofuku with their New York location. So when I found out that one was going to open in Toronto, I was quite excited. I finally had the opportunity to go this past month with my friends Firyal and Susan.

Before eating there, I read reviews and asked around for what I should order. Everyone recommended the pork buns. At the Toronto location, there’s three Momofuku restaurants: Daishō, Shōtō and Noodle Bar. Since we had three people, Noodle Bar was the obvious choice.

The seating reminded me of Guu Izakaya. It had wooden benches where you would share amongst two or more parties. It also had a bar seating arrangement by the kitchen. I don’t know how big the Noodle Bar is in New York but the Toronto one could fit about 40-50 people, from what I can remember.

Now onto the food! We all shared the Japanese Yams, while Susan and I shared the pork buns. Then for my individual order, I had the Smoked Chicken Ramen.

I’ll start off with the pork buns. They reminded me of Peking Duck (a good thing!) but a bun version. People were right. The pork buns are delicious and a must. The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of fat on the pork itself. I would say about half of the pork was fat. But, it’s still better than the pork buns I have from Asian supermarkets!

pork buns

The Japanese Yams were not as sweet as I thought they would be. In the description, it stated caramel sauce and yams are somewhat sweet on their own. Surprisingly, the yams were more tangy than sweet. It could be because of the ginger and onions mixed in. If you want a small side, the Japanese Yams are a good option.


Since it is a Noodle Bar, a noodle main dish is a must. The Smoked Chicken Ramen was perfect. I don’t know what noodle they used but it was soft and slimy (in a good way). It was like a spaghetti version of udon noodles, if that makes sense. The ramen had bamboo shoots, egg, mushrooms, and of course the smoked chicken. There were a couple of pieces that looked like fried fish but I think they were the chicken skin – just excessively fried. The chicken was a bit dry – my least favourite part. However, overall the dish was amazing. The serving size looks big but the bowl is deep and the soup takes up about a third of it.

smoked chicken ramen

We also had the chocolate pudding. It comes in this cute jar, and it’s topped with nuts and I think little chocolate bits.

chocolate pudding

As my first time trying Momofuku, I had a wonderful time. The waiters and servers were friendly, great customer service, and the food was delicious. If you are ever in Toronto, I suggest you hit it up. I can’t wait to go back to try Daishō and Shōtō!

– Synthia T.


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