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January 2, 2014 by synthiat

I’ve always heard about Symposium Cafe and how good their desserts were but I never had the chance or time to try it out. This past year, I had the opportunity to twice at two different locations. I had different experiences for both places.

The first time I ate there, I went with my cousin Erica and our friend Jonty. It was a catch up dinner for the three of us. I had ordered the pulled pork flatbread (you can never go wrong with pulled pork!). For dessert, my cousin and I shared the “Symposium East Meets West” crepe. It’s dubbed as the “classic favourite”.


Pulled pork flatbread

Symposium East Meets West crepe

Symposium East Meets West crepe

I had such a great time the first time eating there that I knew I would return again.


The second time I went, I ate at a different location. This time was at the one in Oakville (the first time was in Mississauga). I went with my friend Lina and this was after we had just ate at Harper’s Landing (a post about that place soon!) and we wanted a cheaper place for dessert.

So we went to Symposium Cafe instead of Caffe Demeteres because we were getting tired of always going there. Since we both have had previous good experiences at Symposium Cafe, we assumed this would be the same. But we both had not gone to the Oakville location before.

It took a while for us to be seated. I think there were about 2 waiters and the manager working that night and there was quite a bit of people there.

Secondly, it took a while for us to get our order in. When we did, the manager was quite rude to me. I had to repeat my drink order multiple times to our waiter whom I knew right away was the manager. I know I have a quiet voice but Lina could hear me just fine when I said that I wanted the Pinot Grigio. I even pointed to it on the menu! Maybe the place should have WAY better lighting because we could barely see anything in there!

Then Lina asked about one of the cakes. The waiter said it was more mousse than cake or something like that but it ended up not like that. Lina asked if she could switch her cake to something else because she was misguided in her cake choice by the waiter’s description.

Anyway, here are my orders for that night.

My pinot grigio and Lina's hot chocolate delight.

My pinot grigio and Lina’s hot chocolate delight.

Cheesecake (I can't remember what kind it was)

Cheesecake (I can’t remember what kind it was)

I didn’t have the best time at this location so I will not be returning to Symposium Cafe in Oakville but I will be for the one in Mississauga. If they get a new manager and staff for the one in Oakville, I’ll possibly go back.

– Synthia T.


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