The 3 Brewers

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January 2, 2014 by synthiat

This past September, I tried The 3 Brewers for the the first time with my friend Lina. I remember it being really rainy that day. I think I also got off work pretty early that day. Anyway, read on for my thoughts about the restaurant.

There weren’t many people at the place during 4pm so it was pretty empty and we got seated quickly. The place is set like your typical pub-bar-like restaurant. There were seats by the bar, high stool chair tables, and regular tables. We got seated at the stool chair tables. We’re both around 5’3 so it’s a bit of a struggle for us.

Anyway, the menu is a paper menu and I love the layout of it. The design of their menu is like a newspaper. I think it’s pretty neat. I also like how beside each dish, they pair it with a type of beer. I’m not a beer drinker so I didn’t order any beer, but I thought that was a cool concept.

We started off with the “Star Platter”. This is what’s inside it, according to their menu:

Star platter
Potato skins stuffed with bacon and cheese, beer-battered mozzarella cheese sticks,
and spicy onion scoops. Served with a spicy dipping sauce

Star Platter

Star Platter

It was pretty good. The onion scoops were a bit spicy, so if you don’t really eat spicy foods, I suggest you pass on that.

Then we shared one of their pizzas. We ordered the “Louisiana”. It was delicious.

Louisiana pizza

Louisiana pizza

I had a great time eating at this place. The place is like your usual pub restaurant but it does have some interesting choices.

I did end up going back a second time with my friend Daniel. I didn’t take a photo of my meal but I ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich. I loved the addition of the crispy onions to it. Really gives it a crunchy kick. It also came with coleslaw and fries, which I believe you can switch the fries for the house salad or soup.

Anyway, I had two great experiences and I would go back a third time. I suggest checking out the place if you’re ever in Oakville/Mississauga or Toronto. They have locations in Montreal as well.

Let me know what other pub joints I should check out in Toronto and the GTA.

– Synthia T.


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