Richtree Market & Urban Eatery

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February 12, 2014 by synthiat

On January 25th, I went to downtown Toronto. I had tickets to see the LA Clippers face the Raptors. I only attend NBA games when the team my favourite player (JJ Redick) is on, faces the Raptors.

Anyway, I met up with my friend Lina and we went to see the Guggeheim Exhibition at the AGO, then we traveled to Eaton Centre since I had plenty of time to kill before the game.

Just before I left the mall to go to the game, I ate dinner at the Richtree Market and had a gelato in the Urban Eatery area.

I had the gelato first from Froshberg Gelato. I love the gelato here. The tiramisu one is to die for! This time I ordered the peach-mango flavour. It was delicious! I love gelato more than ice cream. I don’t know why but I just do. To be honest, I’m not a fan of ice cream unless it’s the Drumsticks cones.

froshberg gelato

Then for my dinner, I had a grilled chicken panini at the Richtree Market. It was a good panini but I didn’t like the Richtree Market overall. There was little options to choose from compared to the one at Square One. The one at the Eaton Centre was mainly missing a pasta place. I wasn’t really feeling the other options as much. I felt you could get better and more from the Urban Eatery restaurants.

Anyway, here is my panini.

richtree panini

Would I go back to the Richtree Market? Maybe. But definitely for more gelato at Froshberg!

– Synthia T.


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