Wok of Fame


February 12, 2014 by synthiat

For my grandpa’s birthday, we celebrated it at the Chinese buffet restaurant, Wok of Fame. It was my cousin’s idea to go here because she wanted the Peking duck but there wasn’t any.

To be honest, there wasn’t much to eat from at this buffet. I really had no idea what to eat because there were so few options! The cool thing this restaurant had was a grill section. They cooked steak, fish, noodles, and seafood right in front of you. The problem for me was I only eat steak at certain locations, I’m not a seafood person, I don’t eat fish (except tuna and eel), and I prefer European type noodle dishes over Asian ones. This is why I didn’t enjoy this restaurant as much.

I didn’t take photos of my main courses because a) it wasn’t presentable, b) I eat a lot so I’d have to take a billion photos, and c) the food is similar to what they would serve at any Chinese buffet restaurant.

But, I did take photos of the dessert, which I quite enjoyed. They had creme brulee, a waffle station, a soft serve ice cream machine, a fondue station, and fridges of little cakes!

wok of fame dessert DSC_7632_2

wok of fame dessert

me wok of fame

Me with an ice cream cone 🙂

I did like the lights and tree decor they had. And there was a live piano performance while everyone ate!

wok of fame decor

wok of fame decor

In conclusion, I probably won’t go back unless it’s a mandatory family event. I would rather go to the Mandarin.

– Synthia T.


3 thoughts on “Wok of Fame

  1. My family used to go to buffets a lot when I was a kid. I guess it’s an easy way to feed a lot of people and everyone should be able to find something to eat. Most buffets I have been to have bad to average food. Things generally don’t keep so well. The longer they are sitting in the bain marie, the more overcooked and squidgey they get. Chinese food generally is best cooked over a high heat and very quickly. Buffet style is usually cooked long and slow. It’s better to order at a restaurant than have all you can eat. Whenever I got to a regular Chinese restaurant, I eat until I’m full anyway so there’s really no much benefit quantity-wise by going to a buffet.

    • synthiat says:

      Yeah, the only reason my family goes is because there is at least 30 of us so it’s easier to find a buffet restaurant that can fit a table of 30 than a normal restaurant. But I totally agree with the quality of the food.

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