Snapea Crisps


February 19, 2014 by synthiat

I have recently come across a new snack favourite. My aunt brought over, from Atlanta, bags of these Snapea Crisps, made by Harvest Snaps. I did not know what to expect except for crunchiness.

Crunchiness is exactly what I got but also more. Obviously they’re not a healthier alternative to the real snap peas but they do seem to be a wiser snack choice than chips. They are lightly salted as advertised on the bag and are shaped like a snap pea.


Each snapea crisp is light and have a dusty feel. You will have to worry about the green texture getting on your fingers (and crumbs!). However, the taste is quite unusual. It’s a wafer peanut taste. I can’t tell if I truly like it or it’s because it’s so unusual that I have to keep eating to decide. Either way, they are addicting, especially since they’re such a light snack.


I know these are sold in the U.S. and I’ve heard they’re sold in Canada but only at Costco. If you do see one in a local store, please pick one up. They’re worth a try!

And if you have tried this, let me know what you think 🙂

– Synthia T.


2 thoughts on “Snapea Crisps

  1. Very cute. I thought it was a battered pea at first like tempura but now I see it looks a bit more like a prawn chip.

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