Juice Cleanse: Day 4

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June 5, 2014 by synthiat

I slept in today for Day 4. I had an evening shift for work and I knew I had to make juices for everyone else but myself. If I made it all before work, I would be exhausted at work. So I decide to sleep in, wake up close to the time I would need to leave for work, then make juices after work.

I did have to wake up at 8AM because my sister was bringing over her leftover juices. She said she didn’t like the taste of them and needed to stop. She had a lot left so I decided to use them for the rest of my cleanse.

Anyway, Day 4 was mixing and matching juices from Day 1-3. No new juices for me… yet. I decided for my mom and aunts that I would make new juices for the second half of their cleanse. You will see those juices in Day 5 and 6, as I have some of them too.

Day 4 was quite strange. I did go to bed kind of hungry from Day 3 and I guess it carried over onto Day 4. I was hungrier and craving burgers even more. At work, I only drank half my dinner juices. I didn’t want to go pee every 5 minutes! So I was quite hungry during my shift. But once I got home, I quickly drank the last half of my dinner. It still wasn’t satisfying though.

My red wine without the wine 😉

juice cleanse day 4

One of the orange juices.

Ending Day 4 was brutal. As I mentioned, I had to make juices for the second half of everyone else’s cleanse. So from 10:45PM to 4:30AM, that’s all I was doing. My mom and aunts were washing and cutting the fruits and vegetables, while I planned, organized, and made the juice. It was intense. I took about four 15-minute breaks. Not enough but I wanted to get it over with.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in Day 5 and 6:

– Synthia T.


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