Aroma Espresso Bar Splurge


November 29, 2014 by synthiat

Back in September, Natalie of Cooking Quidnunc held a contest for a $50 gift card to Aroma Espresso Bar. I saw the contest from Aroma Espresso Bar’s Twitter and of course, decided to try my luck with it. To my surprise, I was the lucky winner to receive said gift card. About a month after the gift card arrived, I decided to have a splurge at Aroma Espresso Bar.

I took my sister and her boyfriend, as they both have never ate at Aroma Espresso Bar before. I’ve been a few times before and loved each visit. My go-to order is either one of the daily soups or the iced chocolate drink!

The three of us decided to order individual drinks and share the food items. I had the Iced Berry Tea Lemonade; my sister ordered the Short, Double Espresso; her boyfriend ordered the White Hot Chocolate.

My Iced Berry Tea Lemonade was a bit too sour for my tasting. My sister said it tasted like candy, which isn’t a bad thing. For me, it was good but if there was less lemonade, I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more. I didn’t try my sister’s Espresso or her boyfriend’s White Hot Chocolate. However, according to my sister, the Espresso was good and better than Nestle’s, while the White Hot Chocolate for her boyfriend was sweet and a big portion for a medium.

Iced Berry Tea Lemonade

Iced Berry Tea Lemonade

Now for the food.

After much consideration, we ended up with the Chicken Chipotle soup (one of the daily soups), French Toast, and an Alfajores Cookie.

The Chicken Chipotle soup, which came with a side of bread (we had whole wheat), was fantastic. It had a lot of chicken and vegetables in it. It was perfect for the cold November night! While it had a lot of flavour, it’s viscosity was thick. There wasn’t much “soup” and a bit too much filling. But, it was still satisfying.

Chicken Chipotle soup

Chicken Chipotle soup, White Hot Chocolate (top right), and Espresso (bottom right)

The French Toast also tasted great. As my sister’s boyfriend exclaimed, “It tastes homemade.” And indeed it did.  The French Toast came with whipped cream and fruit but we didn’t pile them on top of the toast slices (I know, we’re weird). But I did like the variety of fruit: Pineapple, grape, cantaloupe, and melon. Quite an exotic palette.

French Toast

French Toast (front centre)

As our pastry item, we shared an Alfajores Cookie. None of us had ever heard of it before so we asked the employee what it was before ordering. It was described to us as “a shortbread cookie with caramel filling.” Looking on the website, this is what an Alfajores Cookie is:

A South American sandwich cookie, made of soft shortbread with a dulce de leche filling, and dusted with coconut and powdered sugar. Try to have just one!

Alfajores cookie

Alfajores cookie

I loved the dulce de leche filling in it! It was my favourite part. It definitely needed more of it. I wasn’t used to the shortbread texture. It was crumbly and too soft for my liking. But if you’ve never had an Alfajores Cookie before, I suggest ordering one. It’s worth trying, just be prepared for a mess from its crumbliness.

From all the items we ordered, we spent a bit over $30. Not bad for three people. Will I go to Aroma Espresso Bar again? Considering I have been many times before this visit, the answer is yes! The next item I want to try is the Shakshuka.

If you’ve been to Aroma Espresso Bar before, let me know what your favourite food and drink order is in the comments below 🙂

Don’t forget to follow Aroma Espresso Bar on Twitter and Cooking Quidnunc! Also, thanks again to Cooking Quidnunc for selecting me as the recipient for the gift card 🙂

– Synthia T.



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