Browns Social House

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December 9, 2014 by synthiat

This past Saturday, I went Secret Santa shopping with my sister and cousins. We wanted to go out for lunch before we doing so. We always have difficulty choosing where to eat; our choices were between all-you-can-eat sushi or Indian food. It ended up being all-you-can-eat sushi. however, the place we were looking for didn’t open yet. So we opted for a new restaurant located in the same plaza.

Browns Social House as told by our waiter, opened a little over a month ago in the Oakville area. According to their website, it’s the only location in Ontario.

Judging by the exterior of the restaurant, I assumed the place would be like Jack Astor’s. However, the interior is a little more upscale than Jack Astor’s but the menu serves similar items.

browns social house

We decided to all share an appetizer and order separate entrées. For our appetizer, we chose nachos; they come in half size or full size. Since we didn’t want to be too full, we opted for the half size.

Half sized nachos

Half sized nachos

There was also the option of adding chipotle and lime chicken for an extra $2.95. We like our nachos to have a little bit of meat, so we added it.

For half size, it was a pretty good portion for the four of us. The nachos were flavourful and it was a good idea to add in the chipotle and lime chicken. There wasn’t much of the chicken, but when you had a piece, you’ll get a little kick of the lime. I did enjoy this appetizer and would recommend it.


As for my entree, I wanted something from their brunch section. I chose the Corned Beef Hash. To be honest, I’ve never had this before but I’ve always been meaning to order from other restaurants.

Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash

On the menu, this is what the Corned Beef Hash includes:

Two poached eggs, corned beef, breakfast potatoes, red peppers & onions, sweet relish, Hollandaise

The sweet relish tasted a little more like ketchup but I like ketchup so I didn’t mind that. The corned beef was very tasty. I wish it came with more! The potatoes were seasoned well and I loved the Hollandaise. I’ve had Hollandaise sauce at other places and I never liked it; it always had this weird tangy taste to it. But the one at Browns Social House tasted so good! It still had a tangy taste but it was a good tangy taste. I also think it had a lot of butter, which is probably why I enjoyed it more.

I quite enjoyed this place. The pricing is alright. The Nachos, for a half size, were $10.95, plus $2.95 for the chicken. The Corned Beef Hash was $12.25. The food tasted great and the portions were decent. For a restaurant that’s been opened only a month, I’m quite impressed. I would recommend trying out this place and I do hope to go back one day.

– Synthia T.




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