Kwality Indian Cuisine


January 28, 2015 by synthiat

Early last December, my sister and her boyfriend took me to an Indian buffet restaurant. I had always wanted to go to an Indian restaurant because the only Indian dishes I’ve been exposed to were samosas and butter chicken.

We went to a restaurant called Kwality Indian Cuisine. It’s located in Burlington. The prices are pretty good. For lunch, it’s $10.99 and dinner is $13.99. Depending on the day, they open from 11am to latest 10:30pm. So if you ever crave Indian food late at night, this place will hit the spot.

Since it is a buffet restaurant, I just plopped whatever looked tasty onto my plate. So I have no clue what’s on each plate, but here are the photos:


Plate #1.



Plate #2.



Plate #3.



Dessert #1.


Dessert #2.


In “Dessert #1”, there was the mint and orange foods that I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, as soon I put them in my mouth, they were amazing. They both are sweet, especially the orange thing (Sorry, I can’t remember what it’s called!). The deep-fried dough ball at the end was like eating a doughnut drenched in liquid sugar and butter. Sounds amazing and very unhealthy. My sister said that I would love it because of how sweet it is. Verdict? I didn’t love it. It was sweet and tasted good, but it definitely had the taste of an excess amount of butter. I love butter but this taste was too much.

Overall, I was very pleased with my dining experience. The food was terrific. It definitely satisfied my craving for Indian food. The only thing bad thing was the samosa. It was good, but the samosas at A1 Sweets are infinitely better and nothing has yet to compare.

Would I return? Absolutely.

If you’ve been to this restaurant, let me know your thoughts! Also, if you know what some of the dishes are, leave them in the comments below. I need to remember them for when I order take-out 🙂

– Synthia T.


One thought on “Kwality Indian Cuisine

  1. […] It was a good first time. My sister and her boyfriend enjoyed it more than the Kwality Indian Cuisine one. This place is a bit less spicy than Kwality (which is good for me) and I do like that they […]

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