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February 25, 2015 by synthiat

This month, I had the opportunity to try the new Aroma Bold coffee from Aroma Espresso Bar.

The new blend of coffee is Aroma’s dark roast. Aroma described it to me as the following:

Exclusive to the Canadian market, aroma BOLD boasts an exceptionally richer and more robust taste than our brewed coffee, with a bold and full-bodied flavour, an alluring aroma, and strong hints of a bittersweet chocolate finish.

aroma bold

I do love coffee and since I was given two coupons for a free 8oz. cup, I had to go and try it out.

I took my friend Anila to come with me. Thought I’d share the love for the Aroma Bold 🙂

AROMA bold



I’ll be brutally honest. I love coffee more than tea, but I am not a coffee expert. I can’t really tell the different between coffee blends (Unless it’s the butter coffee!). However, I did notice that it tasted less bitter than normal. Usually when I go to any coffee place and grab a cup, I go for my double double (two creams, two sugars). But, I didn’t put my usual amounts for the Aroma Bold and it was surprisingly less bitter. It did taste great and smelled great (What coffee doesn’t?).

I do admit, I should have tried it black and then another cup with my regular servings of cream and sugar. It would have been easier to review and see the difference. Next time!

For now, the Aroma Bold is available at the following locations:

  • Downtown Oakville
  • Bayview Village
  • Yonge-Eglington Centre
  • Forest Hill
  • Yonge and St. Clair
  • The Annex

If you love coffee, whether you are a coffee expert or not, I suggest giving the Aroma Bold a try. You won’t be disappointed!


– Synthia T.

Twitter: @eatsnappost / Instagram:


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