Oh! Bombay

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February 25, 2015 by synthiat

Earlier this month, I went to one of the new Indian restaurants that opened in my town. This was the day that I had just made my Korean Fried Chicken.

The restaurant is called Oh! Bombay. They only have two locations: Mississauga and Oakville. The best part is they have an all-you-can-eat option. I received in the mail a coupon for “2 for 1 All-You-Can-Eat,” and since it was my sister, her boyfriend, and I going out to eat, it was perfect!

Again, I don’t remember all the names of each item, but it’s always the same at pretty much every Indian buffet restaurants.


Plate #1

Plate #1

Naan was delivered to the table.

Naan was delivered to the table.

Samosas were also delivered to the table.

Samosas were also delivered to the table.

Plate #2

Plate #2

Plate #3

Plate #3



Verdict: It was a good first time. My sister and her boyfriend enjoyed it more than the Kwality Indian Cuisine one. This place is a bit less spicy than Kwality (which is good for me) and I do like that they serve the naan and samosas to you because they warm it up (or make it fresh?). The labeling was weird and I accidentally ate the lamb dish (I REALLY did not want to). Their dessert selection is on a cake tier stand in little bowls. They have about 4 different kinds of dessert. Again, I don’t know what each is called but there also weren’t any labels. I wouldn’t mind going again but next time, I’m definitely pacing myself and I won’t eat the lamb one again!


– Synthia T.

Twitter: @eatsnappost / Instagram: @eat.snap.post


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